Friday, 16 October 2009

Calm Descends

Not a lot to report this week, but I thought I'd blog anyway - I rarely miss an excuse to talk about myself ;-)

I find it hard to entirely relax when I have a manuscript (or even a partial) out with an agent, despite the fact that I know this is a slow and deliberate process. This is the first full submission I've done of Back from the Dead, though I did have two agents who requested the full text of my previous Young Adult novel (the first took one month to say no and the other four months - but I did get some good feedback from the latter). Anyway, I should know how the process goes by now, yet every time my phone rings or the email flag comes up, my heart makes a little leap. But so far, not to any avail.

As much as I might see Undiscovered Voices as a fast-track to publishing (please, oh please let it be so!), I will still need to make peace with publishing's more gentle rhythms. Whether the pace of production and supply will change when the E-Book really establishes itself, remains to be seen. I like the idea that independent writers might follow the pattern of independent musicians and be able to make a livelihood from their art via direct client delivery, but that seems 5-10 years off. For now, I guess we're stuck with publishing in one form or another. And let's be honest, we love books - right?


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