Monday, 23 November 2009

My Brain Hurts!

And let me tell you, when all you are is a brain in a jar, that's a major problem!

Joking aside, I've just come back from the SCBWI Winchester conference and there are so many writing ideas in my head that I'm seriously worried that some will leak out. It was such a liberating experience to talk about my book with likeminded people and as anyone who met me can testify, I talked about it a LOT! For me, that has really re-affirmed my self belief in Back from the Dead and the series that will hopefully follow, as well as giving me some fantastic perspective on the plot and characters that I never could have come up with in a thousand solitary writing sessions.

So to summarise the weekend, in the spirit of that glorious adrenaline rush:
Got lost in Winchester 4 times, almost talked more than Meg Rosoff during her seminar (she was very nice and didn't throw me out), was amused and enchanted by Sue Eves and Woofy, got rejected by an agent, discussed historical teen sex novels, drank too much coffee, laughed more than I thought possible during the school visits panel, thought of a three word synopsis for my novel that made me cry, ate the world's tiniest chocolate eclairs, met a ton of people I only knew off the web and discussed Twilight ENDLESSLY!

All in all then, it was a job well done. Looking forward to next year already.


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