Monday, 22 February 2010

The Calm Before the Launch

It's the Undiscovered Voices launch party tonight and I should be desperately, frantically worried about it. In fact, my relative calm is so out of character that I'm worrying about that instead! So what went right?

Well, nothing actually - it's more a case of life suddenly bursting in on me like a surprise family birthday and distracting my attention. Just as I've been going through an intense period of revision on Back from the Dead, my day job has revved-up to match and suddenly there are blogs to write, pitches to work on, manuscripts for critique and children who need help with frustrating video games. Ok, none of this is exactly new, but the volume and intensity have vastly increased until I feel like the Buckaroo mule - constantly on the verge of kicking out at someone. You may want to approach the comments section with caution ;-)

With the background of all this, a nice evening of drinks and speeches with some publishing industry people suddenly feels like it might be - dare I say it - actually fun. I don't think any of the winners are going to be required to do any public speaking, yet there's a part of me that wouldn't mind doing a reading from my book if I had to. Clearly, madness has begun to set in!

The one thing I've really neglected so far is my elevator pitch (see below for the latest version). Maybe you can help me with this? I wonder if I might have taken it too literally...


Back from the Dead - Elevator Pitch

What? Erm ... fifth floor. No, the green button. That's ok ... really, I'll just get out and walk ... Say, are you a literary agent? You must get so fed up of writers telling you about their books, right? Oh ... you don't? Right ... I suppose I could tell you about my novel. But, well, it's complicated. I mean it's deep, right? You couldn't sum it up in just a few words to someone you just met in a lift. I'd need a couple of thousand words to do it justice. I mean it has themes, you know? Really important current themes and stuff that cut to the heart of our modern world. Get off! That's my throat ... you ... maniac. Let me go! Ok, I'll ... precis it. Just a couple of hundred ... Eugh, that hurts. Ok ... ok, thirty words? Euuuugh! Three words? How can I find three words ... that ... Alright! Alright! Just three words: Zombies are Family.


  1. Yay for zombies! I must say, I'm so very impressed at how well Undiscovered Voices is doing. If I were unpublished I'd be raring to get into it. Well done everyone in British SCBWI for making such a success of it - it isn't an easy thing to organise an anthology, let alone one of high quality that actually gets noticed and leads to deals. I hope the launch goes well and you have loads of fun.

  2. Brilliant - must try this with my books. Umm. Let me think. OK. It's Trouble with Strife for one and Avoid Pink Hoodies for the other. Yep. That should do it.

    Hang on though. Aren't these just alternative titles?

  3. Must admit I have been that tongue tied on occasion (and bright red and sweating)
    My pitch would be, after the pre-amble of apologies, - Destiny Sucks


  4. when i went to the first UV i stuck to friends (mariam and steve) and almost hid from my agent. just enjoy it nick, there will be some really nice people there. see you tonight!


  5. Hey everyone - good luck tonight! Wish I could be there! And, nice pitch Nick.