Sunday, 11 July 2010

Who Ate My Stuff?

The world does not need another opinion. Seriously. Wander onto Amazon or IMDB or Metacritic and you will find literally millions of people who think it's a good use of their time to type an ungrammatical plot summary of Fellowship of the Ring or to complain that their Lady Gaga CD case came with a crack in it.

So why, I hear you howl, am I starting a review site? I refer you to a scene in the film True Romance. Patricia Arquette's character leaves the cinema with Christian Slater and says:
"When I see a really good movie I really like to go out and get some pie, and talk about it. It's sort of tradition."

And that's the way it used to be for me - go to the cinema, go to a gig and then go on somewhere afterwards to talk about it. But then I had children and my friends had children and suddenly getting together became really hard. And my friends moved away or moved on, and I got new friends and they lived all over the place and we only ever met up on the internet.

When I see a movie or read a book or listen to an album nowadays, I mostly do it on my own. And there are pleasures to that, sure - no-one takes a phone call or gets up for popcorn or asks me who that guy is and what they've been in before. And afterwards, I can eat as much pie as I like, but the discussion is seriously one-sided.

I'm not sure if there's a way to fix all this, but at least I have a plan:
  • Set up

  • Post every few days reviewing something I've read/seen/heard.

  • No format or genre restrictions.

  • Go easy on the spoilers.

  • Don't bother with the information you can read anywhere.

  • Talk about why I liked something or didn't like it.

  • Hope you might have read/seen/heard that thing too and want to offer comments. Or that my review might make you want to seek that thing out and form your own opinion.

  • Have somewhere that I can review all the lovely books and other things that my friends are producing.

  • Not worry too much what the blog is for or where it's going. Plenty of blogs never get past the first couple of posts, after all.

  • Maybe other people might want to add their own reviews in the future or we might have homework to read/watch/listen to something. Who knows?
So there you go. You gotta have a plan. This blog will continue as normal, every Friday.

The first review (of Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones) is up on right now.


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  1. You're right of course. there are countless websites of all sorts (e.g. blogs, forums, review sites) out there where people can chuck their tuppence worth on any film/book/game/music/gig etc.

    But in my case I always go back to those sites viewed by many and added to by a few. because that's where you find some respect and integrity, humour and rapport amongst regular and new contributors, many of whom become regular contributors themselves.