Monday, 21 November 2011

You Know You've Been SCBWI'd When...

  • You feel too exhausted to write a proper blog.

  • You wonder how all these new people could have joined without you noticing.

  • The cream of publishing are queuing up to get involved.

  • You could do your pitch in your sleep.

  • You're too excited to sleep.

  • Someone describes their series fiction as "literary crack."

  • You wonder if someone else should have got quite so drunk before making an important speech.

  • A cake makes you gasp.

  • You find yourself carrying too many balloons to fit through a normal doorway.

  • Your badge sells out first (yay!)

  • An agent says: "You can pitch to me, but I'll need a drink first."

  • You have to buy the drink the agent needs before you can pitch to them.

  • You have to congratulate Bekki Hill for organising the bestest conference ever!

  • You can't imagine how you'll be able to wait a whole year for the next one.


P.S. If anyone else wants to do coordinated blogging under the same title, let me know and I'll add the links here.

That Crazy Book Monkey Mark Jones

Julie Fulton

Jeannette Towey

Vanessa Harbour

Rebecca Colby


  1. It was a fantastic conference! And thanks for the lovely concice blog, it's about all I can manage to read right now.

    As a badge judge, I can now reveal that I gave yours top marks!!

  2. PS - see - I can't even spel now!!

  3. I want to know which agent listens to pitches for drinks! That is the sort of useful information all slushpilers want to know

  4. Nick, how can you be so witty so soon after the conference? It's unseemly.


  5. Well summed up Nick - though my co-ordination fails again - my blog is already up!

  6. Brilliant, Nick! Though why you should have to pitch to anyone when you can write like that is beyond me.

  7. The perfect blog for the brain weary! Such a fantastic summary of a fantastic conference. The only disappointment for me was that I wasn't quick enough with my badge buying and didn't get yours!

  8. Thanks Nick, this made me smile. I wondered how all those balloons got into the dining hall!

  9. ... the boss of your 'real' job starts Monday morning by giving you a list of all the jobs you are behind with.

  10. Ha ha! Excellent. Sounds like a perfect weekend!

  11. This is so brilliant when my brain is just completely addled. Lovely to see you and I completely second Dave's remark above!!

  12. Here's some more You Know You've Been SCBWI'd moments that my foggy brain has just remembered:

    A drunk student gatecrashes the party and asks you for tips on how to get published.

    You find out that you've been sitting next to an agent for half an hour without realising.

    And then wish you hadn't already eaten those garlic mushrooms!

  13. Great summary Nick and brilliant to see you. We need a full UV2010 reunion v. soon. I was also too slow to get your badge. We need more!!! x

  14. Sounds like a great conference! Love your round up of it!

  15. ... you're used by a famous author as part of a human powerpoint presentation!

  16. when ... You plonk yourself down next to Chris Riddell and chat away
    as if you were in his league, or even in his shadow.

  17. Exactly, Maureen. Well said. And good points, Nick. Can't add to them as brain dead this morning.

  18. Just hilarious! Not least of which because it's all true. Thanks for a fun read.

    I'm wondering now if I managed to buy the sell out badge or not? :(

  19. I would like to know what series is "literary crack", please!
    --Sara OC